Training with objectives and outcomes.



Training Topics

My Joy Speaks Training Topics involve presentations designed as learning opportunities developed from an identified need with specific objectives and desired outcomes. Training also increases understanding of a subject and produces tangible results that close the identified gap. As a CPLP, Mecca is adept at implementing adult learning principles to engage adult learners.

Mecca will develop other training depending on the needs of the client. 




DiSC centers focus on workplace efficacy, helping people understand themselves better and adapt their behaviors with others. When Mecca introduces and explains Everything  Management—including its core components of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness—you can be confident that you are gaining a product highlighting

  • Research-validated learning,
  • In-depth reporting,
  • Tips, strategies, and action plans,
  • Memorable concepts. and
  • A common language to help teams understand one another and work better together.

Mecca’s ability to understand personality and behavioral differences as well as assist your team members to understand their own individual behavioral styles and their effects will be an invaluable addition to any meeting, conference, or training opportunity. She will also demonstrate how the DiSC principles apply to the specific needs of each organization, magnifying the assessment’s immediate effectiveness and ongoing professional development opportunities. 


Time Management

Time Management is a highly valued and sought-after workplace skill. Those who are able to set goals, prioritize, self-motivate, collaborate, decide matters, delegate, and follow up are most often successful at the timely completion of projects and assigned tasks. Accomplished time managers reduce stress in the workplace for themselves and others while adding value to their company’s bottom line. These abilities also dramatically affect opportunities to be successful in their personal lives. Mecca’s practical, interactive approach to guiding her audience in applying time management principles results in improving their time management effectiveness and efficiency.


Teacher/Parent Communication Skills

Teacher/Parent Communication Skills set the tone for creating a first-class learning experience for children. The session was created for an audience of leadership teams, teachers, and other involved staff in the field of education. Mecca uses her four principles of communication to develop a commonsense approach to communicating at the right time, in the right place, with the right attitude, expecting the right outcome. Participants will be able to apply what they learn to significantly improve their abilities to teach children by gaining much needed support from parents. 


Becoming a Parent Whisperer

Becoming a Parent Whisperer involves learning and applying the principles for developing the most precious partnership parents will form on behalf of their children. Mecca developed this session for those in charge of childcare programs who partner with parents to create a meaningful early learning experience for children. The session is based on research supporting the importance of the adults in a child’s world working in collaboration. Audience participants can expect to learn principles and processes for promoting successful partnerships with parents of the children entrusted to their care.


Coaching vs. Supervising

Coaching vs. Supervising provides clear guidelines for the differing roles a coach and a supervisor play. Coaching is the antithesis of supervising, and understanding the difference is vital to the success of the individual serving in either of these roles. Can an individual be both a coach and a supervisor? Mecca answers that question and guides the audience as they identify the responsibilities for both roles, apply what they have learned to their own experiences, and develop plans for strengthening their own positions. The anticipated results include improved relationships, increase in professional development opportunities, greater productivity, better collaboration among team members, and a positive effect on a company’s bottom line. 

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