When Mecca talks, joy speaks.


Mecca speaks from her heart and mingles her own life experiences in the joy she shares of courageously walking through this world.  Experiencing this artful communicator brings laughter through tears of joy, restores your source of joy, and supplies the tools necessary to create achievable goals.


“It’s so fulfilling to share my heart to engage and encourage others to remove barriers and transform their own lives.”

— Mecca R. Johnson

Motivational Topics

Motivational Topics involve presentations designed as keynote opportunities to deliver targeted support, encouraging desire and willingness in the achievement of company-specific objectives, and to collaborate with team members in celebrating realization of those goals. As a motivational speaker, Mecca often develops breakout sessions to support keynote topics when that is a needed element. She is also willing to develop specifically requested topics that will better support a theme.


Five Guardians of Life

The Five Guardians of Life and their effects on each individual’s ability to be successful both personally and professionally is the important message of this session. Mecca developed this signature session out of her passion to support leaders in their ability to discipline themselves for success. Honoring the following commands can significantly improve your work and life balance, strengthen the ability to live with integrity, and allow individuals to experience peace of mind, walk with wisdom, and remain teachable. This thought-provoking and often humorous interactive session offers the potential for producing short and long-term change for audience participants. 

  1. Guard your mind—filtering pathways by which information enters the thought processes
  2. Guard your speech—disciplining oneself to restrict negative talk and increase encouraging words, realizing the power of expression, internally and externally
  3. Guard your heart—preparing the mind and guarding speech to operate with a balance of head and heart 
  4. Guard your attitude—guarding your mind, words, and heart and the effect this success has on an individual’s attitude
  5. Guard your spirit—remaining teachable by preparing the fertile soil of the mind to grow while learning

“Thank you for a great session on
The Five Guardians of Life at our conference.  The reminder for us to take the time to reflect on how we are re-energized in order to be our best self was delivered in a way that allowed self-reflection and the formula to set goals.  Each different area was broken down in a way for deeper understanding of not only the what but the how and the why.  Your energy ‘joy’ provided the light for each of us to find our spark and the knowledge to prosper in a very emotionally charged business.  I, for one, will be utilizing what you shared while creating my path to achieving life’s best personally, professionally and spiritually.”

— Ann Braxton

Franchise Operations Director

Creative World School

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Self-Leadership is a session created out of Mecca’s own experience as a leader in both personal and professional relationships. Noted transformationalist, speaker, author, and pastor Keith Craft insists, “Discipline in any area of your life is hard, but a lack of discipline in any area of your life makes every area of your life harder.” Mecca believes in the importance of establishing principles and then cultivating discipline in the application of those principles in order to lead with authenticity. This session provides a powerful, interactive opportunity for participants to identify areas of self-discipline that need improvement and the chance to create an authentic plan to realize that improvement.


Building Trusted Relationships

Building Trusted Relationships with others begins with the ability to establish a strong relationship with oneself. Uniting our own minds and spirits integrates several valued virtues, such as gratitude, kindness, understanding, releasing expectations of perfection, and positive self-talk, to name a few. Interestingly enough, these soft, personally satisfying skills are identical to those each of us needs to build trusted relationships with others. Strong relationships are foundational to the success of any business. Those who experience this thought-provoking session with Mecca have the opportunity to improve self-image, strengthen confidence, and in turn, improve their abilities to develop healthy personal and professional relationships.


A Strong Culture in a Growing Business

A Strong Culture in a Growing Business meets the need of the individuals that create the team to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Because of Mecca’s years of experience in a strong business culture, she is able to learn the cultural aspects of your business and bring it to life in an interactive experience for the audience. Participants will be able to identify the elements of the company’s culture and how they see its effect in their individual successes and the overall success of the company. Mecca will also encourage authentic discussion concerning improvements needed in each individual’s commitment to the company’s purpose through its vision and values. 


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