Life lessons lead to speak with joy


Born to inspire, she spreads her joy

As Mecca enjoys saying, “I was born at a very young age,” revealing the infectious humor that characterizes her life.  Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Mecca McSpadden Johnson was the first daughter born to a men’s clothing specialist and a federal civil servant. When she was nine-years-old, her family (parents, two brothers and one sister) moved to San Antonio, Texas, where she grew up.  Even before Mecca was old enough to attend school, her innate drive for teaching was already surfacing, motivating her to line up dolls and teddy bears, and with pointed finger sternly hold them to proper classroom behavior. But as she grew, dolls gave way to playmates just as mimicked classroom control gave way to counsel. She held an easy, natural ability to repurpose her own developing wisdom into guidance for her friends. Mecca was born to teach and inspire others, finding great fulfillment in all her life’s circumstances as she spreads her joy


Valuable life lessons influenced an outlook of hope

Mecca spent summers during her teenage years at Christian camps as a counselor and then as a staff member/dietician. She oversaw the cooking, delivery, and cleanup of the three daily meals for up to 300 campers. Through lifelong memorization of God’s Word and consistent involvement in the camp, Mecca learned valuable life lessons about commitment, service, joy, trusted relationships, and love for God and others. She credits her parents for insisting on this valuable influence that has afforded her lifelong stability and an outlook of hope for every circumstance through settling her trust and faith in Christ. 


Love of song brought them together

Love of music has always been a major part of Mecca’s life. Growing up in her small home church, she often sang solos and played the piano. During her college days at Bob Jones University, she sang in a choral group, and later she met her husband while in a singing group that traveled nationwide. With a shared love for the Lord, for music, and for each other, they were married in her husband's home church in Midland, Texas, officiated by his dad, the church’s pastor. Mecca's husband has had an uncommon and interesting vocation as an estate manager for wealthy families—essentially becoming the CEO of large residences, providing oversight of all estate operations and peace of mind for the inhabitants.


Living a life of education

The couple lived for 17 years in Midland, Texas where Mecca continued her post-graduate studies at the University of Texas, earning her lifelong teacher certification. Mecca’s teaching experience includes five years with seventh graders, an age group she especially adores because of her own struggle to fit in during junior high. She commented, “I was too big and too little for everything. It was so difficult to face the between-elementary-and-high-school challenge.” She continued pursuit of her own education, achieving licensed director qualifications for an early childhood school and care program where she served for five years before she and her husband relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  


Connecting through joy and laughter

By introduction through a relative’s involvement as a Franchise Owner of Primrose Schools, Mecca became a member of the Primrose School Franchising Company’s corporate team, where, before her retirement in 2018, she served over a span of 19 years in several value-rich positions of increasing responsibility—Consultant, acting Franchise Owner for the corporate school, Director, and Executive Director of Training and Development. Mecca’s talent and expertise supported the exponential development and growth of the company. Her instinctive abilities to connect with individuals from all walks of life, bring joy and laughter to any situation, and develop trusted relationships provided a rare combination of invaluable gifts that have served her well - and now highlight her current career as a dynamic speaker and communicator, consultant, and effective trainer.


A mother in her own way

Mecca and her husband currently make their home in Marietta, Georgia where he has taken the opportunity to give back by serving at a nonprofit for a period of time. While they have no children of their own, they enjoy their multiple nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews—and any red-headed babies in Primrose Schools that Mecca often referred to as her grandchildren. An additional tidbit: Mecca was named after a dear elderly family friend who was also married to a Frank, did not have children, had red hair, and loved music and teaching. Certainly a true namesake.


A lifetime of preparation for this adventure

Mecca’s business, My Joy Speaks, provides a focus on removing barriers and transforming lives. She concentrates her approach on helping each potential leader find his or her source of joy to use as a reservoir for the strength to self-direct and discipline before trying to lead others. Mecca finds this new adventure exciting and one she has discovered she has been preparing for her entire life. If you have not experienced this artfully humorous speaker and teacher, put it on your bucket list. The dividends you will receive on your time investment can literally change your life.


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