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Clients, colleagues and peers alike have benefited from My Joy Speaks. The following comments are a testimony to Mecca’ s character and qualifications.

Educators, business owners, administrators, professionals, and more ...  all have the potential to benefit from the knowledge shared through a My Joy Speaks experience. 

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Mecca expresses her burning desire to work with students and their ability to learn and to retain what they have learned.

Absolute Joy

“Mecca Johnson was an absolute joy. Hearing her speak has completely changed my life. She is an encourager and really touched my heart when she spoke.” 

— S. Lenglet

Topics to life ... we can all relate

“Mecca’s teaching and presentation style taps into the hearts and minds of her audience.  She offers a great sense of humor and “real-life” stories bringing the topics to life in a way in which we can all relate.”  

— Monica Snow, business owner and client

Awesome and inspirational

“Mecca is awesome, motivational and inspirational … ”

— M. Parker

Home run for teachers

“Your topic hit a home run with us as teachers, especially the challenge to guard our minds and attitudes … ”

— Stephanie and Julie

Positive in nature

“Mecca oozes positivity!”  

— C. Yaun

Strikes a cord

“My Joy Speaks presentation was amazing.  Mecca‘s demeanor, decorum, and message struck a cord with me … thanks for helping me be a better teacher.”  

— S. Horn

“I have a gift!”

“Mecca‘s words were powerful, helping me to self-affirm that I am unique, I have a gift, and I am a victor!” 

— N. Walker

Amazing communicator

“Mecca is an amazing communicator and her empathetic viewpoint is one that can be understood by many.  I learned things I could implement in my everyday life, not just at work. She is a beautiful spirit, and I appreciate her sharing it with me.” 

— B. Warford

Compelled ... motivated ... dedicated ...

“Mecca Johnson is amazing.  She is extremely relatable, well-spoken and funny. After listening to her, I felt compelled, motivated, dedicated, and left with a fresh outlook on life.”  

— T. Phillips

Tools for further self-growth

“I have experienced many things in life that caused me to re-evaluate myself.  Mecca gave me the tools for further self-growth.”

— C. Mann

Relaxed and fun

“I love how relaxed and fun Mecca made the presentation.  It was more like a relaxed conversation.” 

— K. Waters

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