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Mecca R. Johnson  — speaker, trainer, coach, consultant

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"Mecca, thank for your engaging, passionate presentations on the importance of culture to the success of the business as well as the strong connection between staff engagement and the strength of the corporate culture.

Your ability to understand the audience, connect authentically with them and create a catalyst for change is extraordinary.  I visited several schools following our day together, and they are all working to embed several of the principles you presented in order to strengthen the brand culture.  You have absolutely been instrumental in helping us set the stage for where we want to take the company. We are looking forward to working with you in the future."  

— Ann Baxter, Vice President, Creative World School 


Role Modeling Without Regret

The passion to support leaders in their ability to lead and guide those who are influencing the next generation is apparent in this short clip of Mecca's presentation.

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